B&A Technology 1U Frame with network module , fan assembly , double power



Produktnr.  304941
  • Orignal imported high linearity DFB laser, excellent link performance.
  • Excellent AGC(automatic gain control), APC(automatic power control), ATC(automatic temperature control) function, adapt to wide range RF input, to ensure the laser output power stability and regular life working.
  • Wide band pre-distortion circuit, the link index is more superior
  • AGC/MGC optional, according to the needs of the network to choose
  • Comprehensive protection circuitry.( start delay protection, working status indicator and alarm, RF over-active turn-off and alarm, etc.)
  • Real-time transmit to the system platform for all kinds of working status parameters and display them.
  • Superior overall unit design, to ensure long-term safety and reliability of the equipment.
  • Open network management interface to meet the national standard, compliance with SCTE HMS network management standard