Iskratel , Innbox C30 Fiber Termination Unit Innbox C30 w/RF fiber coax converter for CATV incl.pow



Produktnr.  ISK-SBB2020BA

Innbox C30 - Includes power supply addapter.

Design awarded Fiber Termination Unit (FTU) Innbox C30 introduces a flexible and modular indoor housing design to enable fast roll-out of new FTTH deployments. It provides easy installation and termination of fiber within residential homes, while reducing installation cost and preserving flexibility of user connectivity scenarios.

  • Fiber organizer with field cable guides for easy cable management
  • Advanced splice cassette with multiple fiber manipulations possible
  • Additional holder for optional RF CATV receiver
  • Sealable solution using plastic seal or sealing sticker to prevent unauthorized access
  • Optional fiber pigtail pre-installation
  • Holder for optional WDM filter for single fiber CATV-IP solution
  • Optional integration of optical coupler for connecting 3rd party FTTH modems or in-house fiber extension
  • Design awarded FTU solution

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