KATHREIN , CTS 650-22 GPS , Caravan Tv-system with 22`` alphatronics TV



Produktnr.  KA20310058

CTS 650-22 GPS Caravan-TV-System Caravan-TV-system with GPS; comprising: turn-table with flat-antenna BAS 66 (Twin-LNB) and alphatronics tv-set 22" (SL-22 DSB-K)

Order no.: 20310058

The One-Cable-Solution Kathrein and alphatronics

The Caravan TV system consists of a rotary unit of Kathrein and a TV of alphatronics. The entire operation of the fully automatic rotary unit directly on a TV from alphatronics - without additional integration of a separate control unit or receiver.

About one and the same coaxial cable both the rotary unit is controlled as well as the satellite signal to the TV set is passed. All turntables are equipped with a twin LNB and permit when necessary to connect a second TV set or satellite receiver.

Streaming to mobile devices

A special highlight of the Kathrein-Fi USB adapter UFZ 131. Plugging it into the alphatronics TV set automatically creates a Wi-Fi hotspot, which enables live streaming of TV and radio programmes to mobile devices (e.g. smart phones and tablets).