Produktnr.  KA20910022


VOS 136 / G for remote power

5-30 MHz with WFS 130 and VGR 1xx

5-65 MHz with WFS 16x and VGR 1xx

(Delivery condition: without return path filter and VGR 1xx, with bridging plug in forward path)

  • House connections / distribution amplifier for modern HFC networks
  • VOS 135 / G for local supply
  • Modern GaAs Technology
  • Surge absorbers on input and output
  • Integrated variable attenuator and adjustable equaliser
  • Forward path adjustable 606/862 MHz (default: 606 MHz)
  • Verstärkung durch Interstage-Dämpfung mit Steckbrücken umschaltbar 31/38 dB (Lieferzustand: 38-dB-Verstärkung)
  • The maximum operational levels also apply for operation with interstage attenuation
  • Slot for de-emphasis equalizer (ORE 940)
  • Slot for interstage equalizer (ERT 906/907)
  • Return path optional, individually fittable: (WFS and VGR 1xx 1xx required):
  • Insert position for cushioning insert card (EUA 904/908/912) at the input of the return path amplifier
  • Test socket on input (bidirectional) and output (directional coupler)
  • Conform to: EN 60728-11, EN 50083-2 and EN 60065
  • For indoor installation