RTG-3 2-Tone Return Path Test Generator



Produktnr.  PCT-RTG-3-2T

RTG-3 2-Tone Return Path Test Generator

The 2-Tone Return path Test Generator (RTG-3-2T) is designed for alignment purposes in the return path domain (5 – 204 MHz) of the cable network.

The 2-tone mode offers possibilities such as intermodulation measurements. The user can very easily toggle either output channel on or off. A sequential (single-tone) mode with adjustable interval time is also available.

With the new EuroDOCSIS 3.1 standard being implemented in the near future, there is a demand for future-proof test and measurement equipment. The new EuroDOCSIS 3.1 standard will expand the bandwidth of the upstream return path from the current 5-65 MHz to 5-204 MHz.

The RTG-3-2T has been developed to comply with this new standard. The basis for the RTG-3-2T is the already successful RTG-2. The RTG-3-2T uses the same form factor, functionality and user interface (with some minor changes).
The RF part of the RTG-3-2T has been completely redesigned from scratch to comply with current demands of spectral purity and accuracy. This resulted in significantly improved specifications:

  • Extended Frequency range – 5-204 MHz (25 kHz resolution)
  • Improved frequency accuracy – typically ± 2,5ppm
  • Extended Output Level range – 80-110 dBµV (single-tone) /
    80-105 dBµV (2-tone) (0,5 dB resolution)
  • Improved output level accuracy – typically ± 0,25 dB
  • Improved spectral purity – ≥ 55 dBc
  • Improved return loss – > 20 dB
  • RF Level unit on display can be set to dBµV or dBmV.

The functionality of the RTG-3-2T is project based programmed. This means that:

  • The RTG-3-2T has a pincode accessed supervisor menu.
  • The supervisor can program the RTG-3-2T with a number of projects.
  • Each project contains a list of frequencies.
  • The field service engineer can only use the frequency list belonging to the project authorized by the supervisor.

The RTG-3-2T does not generate frequencies simultaneously but sequentially. The user can select every single frequency of the list or choose a sequencing mode to have them activated one after another, with an adjustable interval time.

The RTG-3-2T has an integrated intelligent fast battery charger protecting the battery for wrong charging cycles. Typical charging time for an empty battery is 2,5 hours. The RTG-3-2T can be charged with any DC power supply of 12V, like a 12V car cigarette lighter plug, Or a 12Vdc 1.5A mains supply.